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In Texas, there has been a statewide crackdown on illegal gambling. Most of the cases are dealing with illegal gaming machines that are being used for profit.

Earlier in the week there was a raid involving these gambling machines. Now, the Attorney General has made a claim against the Tigua Indian tribe.

Attorney General Greg Abbott filed a contempt of court motion on Friday. It alleges that the Tigua tribe violated a Federal Court order novoline sizzling hot  against them. They are accused of paying out cash on gaming machines.

Six years ago the Speaking Rock Entertainment Center was shut down because the tribe was not legally allowed to have gambling on their reservation.

Now, Abbott is contending that the tribe is allowing players to transfer their winnings on the machines to a Visa card. The players can then convert those cards into cash, making the operation illegal.

The machines that are being used in the operation are eight-liners. That means they give players the opportunity for eight different ways to win. The machines are only legal when they pay out little gifts that are equal to less than $5. They cannot pay out cash.

The tribe has tried to reopen the casino that was shut down in 2002, but efforts have been unsuccessful.


Town of Triana Taking Legal Action Against Bingo Hall Raids

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An interesting court battle is set to take place in Alabama. The Town of Triana feels they are being unfairly targeted in recent raids that have taken place regarding bingo halls.

Town officials have filed a complaint in Circuit Court to stop Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning from raiding bingo halls. The sheriff believes there is illegal activity going on and therefore has the right to raid these halls.

The law states that bingo is permitted if the games are being held for charity. The other part of the law, however, is that the Sheriff can interfere with the operation if he believes the constitutional limits are being exceeded.

Several different bingo halls have been raided in the past few months. Machines have been confiscated, and people have been arrested.

It is clear that Dorning believes that the law is being compromised in these locations where raids have taken place. The money that been confiscated in the raids so far has been over $200,000.

“The Sheriff has taken it upon himself, with advice from county attorneys, to interfere with the city’s authority to regulate lawful activities within its limits,” said Andy Campbell, one of the lawyers who filed the lawsuit.