While most states start small when it comes to expanding their gambling laws, Texas looks like they will jump right in with both feet. They are going for the home run, not simply a base hit.

Lawmakers today are discussion a Bill that would bring over a dozen casino resorts to the state of Texas. That is a major change for a state that has long looked down on the idea of casino gambling.

“It’s the biggest economic development Bill that has ever been presented to the state of Texas. It’s much more of an economic development Bill than it is a gambling Bill,” said Jack E. Pratt Sr., Chairman of the Texas Gaming Association.

The Bill would bring massive amounts of money into the state if approved. Over $1 billion is expected to go towards college scholarships from the gambling expansion. In addition, over 300,000 jobs and $3 to $4 billion in tax revenue would be created.

The Bill does have its share of detractors, as is the case with any law involving gambling. Church groups have been the most vocal to come out against the Bill, and there are some lawmakers who think it is too aggressive.

Whether or not lawmakers vote for the constitutional amendment, ultimately it would still be up to the people of Texas to decide on its’ fate. Voters would have to approve such a change to the state constitution.

The Bill is being introduced by members on opposite sides of the aisle. Senator Rodney Ellis and Representative Jose Menendez are sponsoring the Bill from the Democratic side, and Senator John Carona and Representative Jim Pitts are sponsoring from the Republican side. The bipartisan Bill should receive a lot of support from fellow lawmakers.